Many businesses don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel during a disaster and economic hardships. Unlike major multinationals, small businesses don’t have the resources to navigate through tough times, and events such as the Covid-19 pandemic or an extreme natural disaster can signal the end for them.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) announced the Economic Injury Disaster Loan to help small businesses and cooperatives located in a declared disaster area with substantial economic injuries. Versa Business Systems partners with SBA to provide troubled companies the much-needed relief by offering the EIDL service.

With a swift loan processing pace and compliance with SBA guidelines, we ensure that all deserving businesses get the financial help they need to navigate the tough times. Applying for the EIDL is reasonably straightforward, and customers following the eligibility criteria can get their funding in a very short amount of time. The easy terms and conditions and loan maturity guidelines make the EIDL the right choice at a time of economic hardships.

With Versa Business Systems’ quick and easy loan processing procedure, you can get your required funds within as little as 24 hours!