About Us

Small businesses and startups shape a country’s economy and play a critical role in the global value chain. A prosperous small business community is usually reflective of a healthy economy that supports all stakeholders. Versa Business Systems is a small business loan company working tirelessly to ensure that small businesses and entrepreneurs in the community find their feet and are able to follow their dreams.

With an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, we look after our clients and all their business needs. Being a direct lender ourselves, we deal with over 100 of the largest lenders.

As financial industry professionals, we understand the challenges small businesses and startups face in raising finances. We offer flexible and fast business funding products explicitly designed to uplift businesses and give them a chance to realize their ideas.

Traditional loaning services such as banks often set unrealistic expectations on small businesses seeking funds. Not to mention the low approval rates and extremely long turnaround times. However, Versa Business Systems supports small businesses and startups by offering a quick application process and no minimum credit requirement.

Our lending programs are suited for a wide range of business requirements, so whether you need to purchase new equipment or are looking to finance an inspirational marketing strategy, you can count on us to quickly provide you the finances you require!

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